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  • Creative Thinking and Innovation

    Creative thinking and innovation are vital components in both our personal and professional lives. However, many people feel as though they are lacking in creativity. What most of us do not recognize is that we are creative on a daily basis, whether it’s picking out what clothes to wear in the morning or stretching a tight budget at work. While these tasks may not normally be associated with creativity, there is a great deal of creativity involved to get those jobs done. While some people seem to be simply bursting with creativity, others find it a struggle to think outside the square. If you fall into the latter category, it is important to understand that boosting your creative and innovative abilities takes practice. Recognizing and honing your own creative potential is a process. That’s what this course is all about.   Member price:  $200.00
  • The Professional Supervisor

    With a host of new challenges and responsibilities to tackle, new supervisors need training that helps them adjust to their new role. Learning how to supervise your new employees on a trial and error basis can lead to discouragement. This course can help you overcome many of the problems a new supervisor may encounter, and to set the groundwork for a successful change in your working life!
  • Developing a Training Needs Analysis

    The right training at the right time can make a huge difference in the productivity and profitability of your organization. Whether you are scanning your workplace for opportunities to make things better and training is the answer, or a client asks you to come into their organization and do an assessment, your answer is best framed in the form of a training needs analysis. Your ability to create an analysis that is comprehensive yet simply prepared is critical for it to be understood and acted upon. This course will help you to gather the information, assess the data, and present your suggestions for training or non-training solutions.   Member price:   $88.00  
  • The Disability-Friendly & Neurodiverse Workplace

    This is the fifth course of the FPSC DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) course series. Virtually all organizations have employees who live with visible and invisible disabilities, as well as individuals with neurodiverse exceptionalities. Part of the discussion in the course will be considering how thoughtful awareness and meaningful support by managers (often posing very limited fiscal investment) can transform employees with intellectual, physical, sensory, and/or mental disabilities into high-functioning and highly committed team members in an organization. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Bonnes pratiques de fabrication (BPF)

    Description Ce cours traitera de la manière dont les travailleurs du secteur alimentaire doivent agir, s’habiller et être conscients des dangers liés à la sécurité alimentaire et de la manière dont ils peuvent les prévenir. Ce cours vous fournira les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour comprendre comment les BPF soutiennent la fabrication d’aliments sûrs et votre rôle dans le soutien des BPF. Vous serez en mesure d’identifier les dangers liés à la sécurité alimentaire et de comprendre comment le comportement des travailleurs du secteur alimentaire peut avoir un impact positif ou négatif sur la salubrité alimentaire. Ce cours vous fournira les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour comprendre comment les BPF soutiennent la fabrication sûre des aliments et comment mettre en œuvre les BPF. *Devenez membre et obtenez un rabais de 20%
  • Coaching for Success

    The EI-Coach is an effective approach to professional coaching that focuses on helping others become more intelligent with their emotions in the workplace and beyond. Exceptional supervisors use coaching to unlock human potential and improve workplace performance. EI-Coaching aims to fine-tune and build deeper connections through conversations and active listening. It also attempts to explore goals that stem from an employee's core values and independent choices. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Industrial Workplace Safety

    Worker safety is of premier importance. Food processing is often on an industrial scale with automated equipment and many potential hazards. Being aware and trained to deal with these potential hazards and workplace situations is critical for employee safety. This course will provide workers in the food processing industry with knowledge of the safety requirements necessary to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • I AM SEAFOOD: Introduction to the Canadian SEAFOOD Industry

    As one of the oldest food processing industries in Canada, we will explore the many potential employment and career opportunities in the Canadian fish and seafood industry. Participants will learn the importance of Seafood to Canadians as well as the importance the government places on fish and seafood safety. These measures help ensure Canada’s high international ranking and determine your role in maintaining this high standard. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Introduction to Regulatory Requirements

    Working with people is one of the most important factors of team environments. This is especially important for supervisors, management or anyone responsible for the time, performance and talent of others. This course will provide tools and strategies to better supervise, motivate and manage your teams effectively. *Become a member to receive 20% off

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