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Spice Up Your Toolbox: You’ve already got a stellar training program in place, but you’d like to add some new tools to spice it up and increase content retention. No problem! We’ve got video’s, train-the-trainer content, PowerPoints, exercises, activities, templates and toolkits for you to incorporate into what you’ve already got.
  • Compensation & Benefits – Module Four

    In this module we break down all aspects of compensation and benefits systems. These are easy to follow, straightforward and comprehensive sections designed to answer all your questions and concerns about these important aspects of effective Human Resources. This package is designed to be referenced with free information on wages and salaries for various occupations are available at the HRSDC’s website www.worldatwork.org * Part of the FPHRC's Industry Leading Toolkit available in full here
  • Staffing and Orientation – Module Three

    Product quality is fundamental when working in your industry. That’s why it’s important to attract, hire, and retain qualified individuals with the appropriate skillsets to fill your Human Resources requirements. In this module we closely examine necessary objectives and best practices when searching for talent from diverse talent pools. * Part of the FPHRC's Industry Leading Toolkit available in full here
  • Managing Performance – Module Six

    An effective performance management system is what allows you and your employees to more easily communicate goals, share information, foster learning and explore career development. In this module we break down the most essential key performance indicators, outline best practice measuring and managing employee productivity complete with case studies, forms and checklists to best prepare you for the types of conversations you will encounter in your business. * Part of the FPHRC's Industry Leading Toolkit available in full here
  • FPHRC’s Industry Leading Human Resources (HR) Toolkit

    Backed by government and industry leading LMI (Labour Market Information), the FPHRC’s HR Toolkit guides you through 10 streamlined modules. Everything you need to know to work in and run a business in Canada’s largest industry is at your fingertips. Each Module is easy to follow, straightforward and comprehensive. Complete with companion resources ready to use, and easy to adapt to your unique corporate branding.
  • Occupational Health & Safety – Module Eight

    This module provides you with the tools and resources to satisfy Occupational Health and Safety laws enforced by municipal, provincial, federal and international bodies of government. These tools and resources allow you and your management teams to more easily prevent and control safety. You will find all the reference sheets, equations and lists you will need conveniently located in one place. Easy to reference in case of emergency. * Part of the FPHRC's Industry Leading Toolkit available in full here

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Highlighting your Strengths
As a workplace trainer, you’ve got an extremely important job – you’re tasked with the responsibility of instilling a food safety culture and fostering a safe working environment.

Now, we know that food processing and food safety isn’t always the sexiest topic… but is sure is an important topic! You need your team to not only retain the information you’re sharing, but to also employ these values in their everyday duties. A memorable training program can make all the difference.


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