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Spice Up Your Toolbox: You’ve already got a stellar training program in place, but you’d like to add some new tools to spice it up and increase content retention. No problem! We’ve got videos, train-the-trainer content, PowerPoints, exercises, activities, templates and toolkits for you to incorporate into what you’ve already got.

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As a workplace trainer, you’ve got an extremely important job – you’re tasked with the responsibility of instilling a food safety culture and fostering a safe working environment.

Now, we know that food processing and food safety isn’t always the sexiest topic… but is sure is an important topic! You need your team to not only retain the information you’re sharing, but to also employ these values in their everyday duties. A memorable training program can make all the difference.


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We’re here to help you “spice up your toolbox” with an array of resources that will supplement your existing internal training. Whether you’re looking for materials to upgrade your content, or looking to replace your tools altogether, we’ve got what you need!

Talk to us about a blended learning approach.

Combine in class theory with online group learning, to create an engaging training experience. Customize the materials to include particulars from your facility.

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