• Introduction Aux Allergènes

    Ce cours met en évidence l'importance et l'impact des allergènes sur la sécurité des consommateurs, ainsi que les raisons pour lesquelles la sensibilisation et la gestion des allergènes sont une préoccupation majeure de l'industrie alimentaire. Apprenez les causes et les effets liés aux allergènes alimentaires, les complexités associées à la gestion et à la prévention des allergènes alimentaires indésirables, et les exigences réglementaires canadiennes associées. *Devenez membre pour bénéficier d'une réduction de 20%
  • Introduction to Allergens

    This course highlights the importance and impact of allergens on consumer safety as well as why allergen awareness and management is a key food industry concern.  Learn the causes and effects related to food allergens, the complexities associated with managing and prevention of unwanted food allergens, and the associated Canadian regulatory requirements. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Antas 1 ng Sanitasyon

    Paglalarawan Mahalaga ang kalinisan, at ang isang functional at komprehensibong plano sa kalinisan ay nakakatulong na mabawasan ang panganib ng paglilipat ng bacteria o pathogens mula sa hindi nilinis na ibabaw, kagamitan at kagamitan. Saklaw ng kursong ito ang paglilinis at kalinisan ng mga ibabaw ng pagkain, kagamitan at kagamitan. Magagawa mong ilarawan ang mga hakbang upang epektibong maglinis at magsanitize, pumili at maghanda ng mga solusyon sa paglilinis at paglilinis, pati na rin matutunan ang mga pinakamahusay na kagawian upang maprotektahan ang iyong sarili habang ginagawa ito. *Maging miyembro para makatanggap ng 20% diskwento*
  • Bonnes pratiques de fabrication (BPF)

    Description Ce cours traitera de la manière dont les travailleurs du secteur alimentaire doivent agir, s’habiller et être conscients des dangers liés à la sécurité alimentaire et de la manière dont ils peuvent les prévenir. Ce cours vous fournira les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour comprendre comment les BPF soutiennent la fabrication d’aliments sûrs et votre rôle dans le soutien des BPF. Vous serez en mesure d’identifier les dangers liés à la sécurité alimentaire et de comprendre comment le comportement des travailleurs du secteur alimentaire peut avoir un impact positif ou négatif sur la salubrité alimentaire. Ce cours vous fournira les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour comprendre comment les BPF soutiennent la fabrication sûre des aliments et comment mettre en œuvre les BPF. *Devenez membre et obtenez un rabais de 20%
  • Canadian Workplace Cultures

    Canada is a vast country with many different cultures. Understanding what makes Canada such a diverse country is a critical skill in being a team member in a Canadian workplace. There are various aspects of a Canadian workplace that may not be the same as a workplace in other countries. We will take a close look at topics such as basic Canadian facts, appropriate workplace etiquette including body language, communication skills and common courtesies, as well as the importance of demonstrating adaptability, work ethic, and work initiative. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • I AM SEAFOOD: Introduction to the Canadian SEAFOOD Industry

    As one of the oldest food processing industries in Canada, we will explore the many potential employment and career opportunities in the Canadian fish and seafood industry. Participants will learn the importance of Seafood to Canadians as well as the importance the government places on fish and seafood safety. These measures help ensure Canada’s high international ranking and determine your role in maintaining this high standard. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Industrial Workplace Safety

    Worker safety is of premier importance. Food processing is often on an industrial scale with automated equipment and many potential hazards. Being aware and trained to deal with these potential hazards and workplace situations is critical for employee safety. This course will provide workers in the food processing industry with knowledge of the safety requirements necessary to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Lock Out Tag Out

    This program is designed to introduce to the topic of Lock Out - Tag Out (LOTO), so you can better comprehend the occupational health and safety instructions given to you on the job as they relate to LOTO and its broader safety topic of energy isolation.
  • Pakikipag-ugnayan sa Pamamagitan ng Pananalita

    Paglalarawan Sa lugar ng trabaho, nakikipag-usap kami sa isa't isa sa maraming iba't ibang paraan, mula sa pagsusulat ng mga mensahe hanggang sa paggamit ng mga hand signal. Ang isa sa mga pinakakaraniwang paraan ng pakikipag-usap natin sa lugar ng trabaho ay sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap sa iba. Napakahalaga ng mahusay na mga kasanayan sa komunikasyon sa lugar ng trabaho. Gumagamit ang pinakamahuhusay na tagapagbalita ng mga diskarte at diskarte upang maiparating ang kanilang mensahe. Sa kursong ito, matututunan mo na ang paggamit ng mga tip at tool ng matagumpay na komunikasyon sa lugar ng trabaho ay magiging sulit sa iyong oras at pagsisikap. *Maging miyembro para makatanggap ng 20% diskwento*