• Human Resources (HR) Toolkit

    Backed by government and industry leading LMI (Labour Market Information), the FPSC’s HR Toolkit guides you through 10 streamlined modules. Everything you need to know to work in and run a business in Canada’s largest industry is at your fingertips. Each Module is easy to follow, straightforward and comprehensive. Complete with companion resources ready to use, and easy to adapt to your unique corporate branding.  
  • Trousse à outils pour les ressources humaines

    Soutenue par l’IMT (Information sur le marché du travail) de pointe du gouvernement et de l’industrie, la boîte à outils RH du FPSC vous guide à travers 10 modules rationalisés. Tout ce que vous devez savoir pour travailler et gérer une entreprise dans la plus grande industrie du Canada est à portée de main. Chaque module est facile à suivre, simple et complet. Complet avec des ressources complémentaires prêtes à l’emploi et faciles à adapter à l’image de marque unique de votre entreprise.  
  • Food Safety Bundle – Allergens, Recall & Traceability

    FPSC recognizes the importance of Food Safety in all food and beverage processing facilities and has arranged this training bundle to complement processor training libraries. Perfect for new hires or as a refresher for seasoned employees, this bundle provides comprehensive training through three courses: Introduction to Allergens ($225 Value) This course highlights the importance and impact of allergens on consumer safety as well as why allergen awareness and management is a key food industry concern.  Learn the causes and effects related to food allergens, the complexities associated with managing and prevention of unwanted food allergens, and the associated Canadian regulatory requirements. Managing Recall in a Wired World ($249 Value) Understand the consequences and effects of product recalls on the food and beverage processing industry. Examine techniques that assist processors to deliver information to the public, consumers, customers, and suppliers that aid in managing recalls effectively. Learn the roles and responsibilities of the recall team with an emphasis on food safety and prevention. Traceability Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry ($249 Value) The information the Traceability Program provides makes management of product recalls fast and effective, reduces risks of a food safety crisis, and demonstrates that the processors is a responsible manufacturer. This course demonstrates how to develop and implement a Traceability Program for a food processing facility. This course introduces users to the topic of traceability, examines the relationship between traceability and other food safety prerequisite programs and teaches how to design, implement and test the system to ensure it is fully functional. NOTE: These courses are designed to be taken in order, once Introduction to Allergens has begun the other courses will be added to your library to take. *Receive a nationally recognized certificate for participation in each course! Who Should Take This Course? New Hires New Canadians Food Safety Teams Supervisors and Managers Front Line Workers Food Safety Consultants *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • 数字化技术

    描述 在工作场所,我们以许多不同的方式相互交流,从写信息到使用手势。我们在工作场所交流的最常见方式之一是与他人交谈。良好的职场沟通技巧非常重要。最好的沟通者使用策略和技巧来传达他们的信息。在本课程中,您将了解到使用成功工作场所沟通的技巧和工具将非常值得您花费时间和精力! *成为会员可享受20%的折扣*
  • Introduction to HACCP Principles: Building a Strong Foundation!

    In this course, we will embark on a journey to understand and master the principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Designed in alignment with Codex Alimentarius guidelines, this course serves as your gateway to the world of food safety management systems.  
  • The Spark Within

    This industry report looks at generational perspectives in Canada's Labour Force. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Introduction to SOP and SSOP

    This coursed is designed for front-line workers and it will detail the fundamental requirements of Standard Operating Procedures and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Participants will be able to define SOPs and SSOPs, understand how they support food safety programs, and identify the indicators of effective development and training for SOPs and SSOPs. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • The Disability-Friendly & Neurodiverse Workplace

    This is the fifth course of the FPSC DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) course series. Virtually all organizations have employees who live with visible and invisible disabilities, as well as individuals with neurodiverse exceptionalities. Part of the discussion in the course will be considering how thoughtful awareness and meaningful support by managers (often posing very limited fiscal investment) can transform employees with intellectual, physical, sensory, and/or mental disabilities into high-functioning and highly committed team members in an organization. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Growing Your Gender-Friendly Vocabulary

    This is the third course of the FPSC DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) course series. Feeling comfortable in navigating this transitioning communication landscape and cultural shift is job critical for any supervisor or manager hoping to ensure that all employees are well-supported and respected in their workplace roles. This course will explore key gender definitions, language approaches, and thoughtful practices in the new gender landscape, in a way that is accessible to all. *Become a member to receive 20% off