Interview Skills for the Food & Beverage Processing Industry


Interview Skills for the Food and Beverage Industry addresses the many Interview skills and practices required for finding employment in the Canadian work environment.

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This course addresses the many Interview skills and practices required for finding employment in the Canadian work environment.

This course provides strategies, tips, and guidelines for understanding the Canadian hiring process, developing effective cover letters and resumes, being successful in job search activities, knowing what to wear to interviews, and what to expect and do before, during, and after a job interview.


Who Should Attend?

This course is applicable to all personnel who are looking for new employment opportunities or career changes in the food and beverage processing industry.


Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the Interview Skills course, you will have learned and obtained the following skills:

  • An understanding the five stages of the standard hiring process in Canada
  • A knowledge of the various sources from which employers seek job applicant’s means
  • An understanding of the various formats  importance and uses of cover letters and resumes
  • Strategies for developing a professional looking, results-oriented resume
  • Knowledge of appropriate interview attire
  • Understanding of the importance and elements of good personal hygiene and grooming in an interview and the ensuring good workplace food safety
  • Knowledge of the stages of the job interview, different interview formats
  • The importance of posture and body language in an interview, and the types of interview questions you can expect
  • Acceptable behaviour before, during, and after the interview
  • Understanding that carefully planned and sustained job search activities will lead to interviews which will ultimately lead to employment!


The goal of this training is to provide knowledge, insights and strategies which will help clients apply for new employment positions in Canada’s food processing industry.


Major Topics

  • Interview skills
  • Cover letters and Resumes
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Interview styles
  • Job search activities



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