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  • Adaptability in the Workplace

    One of the most important reasons for investing time to develop your adaptability is the fact that the world we live in, along with the working world, is constantly changing. This is due to different technological, economic, social, political and environmental events. When change is constant and unpredictable, people who are adaptable are not only better able to survive but also thrive. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Coaching for Success

    The EI-Coach is an effective approach to professional coaching that focuses on helping others become more intelligent with their emotions in the workplace and beyond. Exceptional supervisors use coaching to unlock human potential and improve workplace performance. EI-Coaching aims to fine-tune and build deeper connections through conversations and active listening. It also attempts to explore goals that stem from an employee's core values and independent choices. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Effective Problem-Solving

    Everyone experiences problems from time to time. Some of our problems are big and complicated, while others may be more easily solved. Oftentimes solving problems involves dealing with emotions either within ourselves or others. This is one of the main reasons why companies want employees who can effectively identify and solve problems. Effective problem solvers help their organizations operate more efficiently, be more innovative and deliver exceptional customer service, leading to improved job satisfaction and career development for the employee and higher performance for the organization.  Regardless of their level of complexity, problems are part of life and work. Therefore, problem-solving can be considered a life skill. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Empathy at Work

    One of the most important reasons to become more empathetic is that empathy, as an emotional intelligence skill, is the key to unlock better and healthier relationships with others. Historically, our survival has depended on empathy because we are social beings who need others to grow and thrive. Employees with high levels of empathy can understand a situation from another person’s perspective and react with care and compassion. This means that employees are able to build true, empathetic connections with one another, which enhances relationships, collaboration, inclusion and diversity in the workplace. When empathy is valued and practiced in the workplace, it benefits everyone. Employees improve their well-being, confidence, and job satisfaction, which makes them happier. Happy employees go above and beyond to serve customers, which translates into higher performing business and prosperity for their communities. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • I AM FOOD: Introduction to the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

    This course serves as both an introduction and onboarding tool for anyone wanting to learn more about Canada's Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry. Whether you are deciding if this field is right for you or you've recently started a new position, this course was designed for you. You will have a chance to explore the importance of the industry and the critical role it plays in the lives of Canadians. Jam-packed with critical information for your career advancement, you will explore the dimensions of the Canadian labour market, national occupational standards, and key educational & training opportunities. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence skills, also known as skills for success, contribute to 80% of your career and personal success. An employee with high Emotional Intelligence is aware of their emotions and can manage feelings, impulses and communicate effectively with others. They solve problems and build rapport in tense situations. These employees also have empathy, work well with others to build productive relationships in the workplace, remain optimistic in the face of adversity, bounce up quickly from setbacks and strive to perform. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance and Quality Control

    This course covers the roles and responsibilities of Quality Assurance and Quality Control in developing a Quality System. Participants will go through the background of the roles as well as what is important to understand when implementing Quality Systems. This course is applicable to all personnel in a food processing plant with roles in determining quality: owners, supervisors, quality manager, quality technician, production personnel, sanitation team, plant manager, food safety team, etc. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Introduction to Regulatory Requirements

    Working with people is one of the most important factors of team environments. This is especially important for supervisors, management or anyone responsible for the time, performance and talent of others. This course will provide tools and strategies to better supervise, motivate and manage your teams effectively. *Become a member to receive 20% off
  • Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

    Attitude is everything! You may be the most skilled or competent person at work, but if you do not accompany your ability to do your job well with a positive attitude, your success will be limited. Your attitude is not only about “how you do your job” and how you choose to behave in all circumstances. It is how you convey yourself to others.  Most employees with positive attitudes display several favourable behaviours in the work environment. They are resilient, resourceful, flexible, and open-minded. They radiate inviting energy that positively affects everyone and everything around them. If you can display to your employer, customers and colleagues a sense of positivity, you will quickly become someone they will want to deal with more. The purpose of this course is to equip you with knowledge, tools and practical strategies that will help you develop and maintain a positive attitude so that you can elevate both your professional and personal success.

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