FPSC’s Industry Leading Human Resources (HR) Toolkit FPHRC ORIGINAL (Draft)


Backed by government and industry leading LMI (Labour Market Information), the FPSC’s HR Toolkit guides you through 10 streamlined modules. Everything you need to know to work in and run a business in Canada’s largest industry is at your fingertips. Each Module is easy to follow, straightforward and comprehensive. Complete with companion resources ready to use, and easy to adapt to your unique corporate branding.


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Over 200 pages long and providing access to 56 template and resource bundles whether you are an established company or thinking of scaling up your business model the Food Processing Skills Canada’s HR Toolkit gives you all the materials you need today to expand and sustain your business’ growth.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Module One – Establishing a Human Resources (HR) Function ($25 value)
  • Module Two – HR Planning For The Food Processing Industry ($25 value)
  • Module Three – Staffing and Orientation ($25 value)
  • Module Four – Compensation and Benefits ($25 value)
  • Module Five – Training ($25 value)
  • Module Six – Managing Performance ($25 value)
  • Module Seven – Employee Retention ($25 value)
  • Module Eight – Occupational Health and Safety ($40 value)
  • Module Nine – Workplace Diversity ($25 value)
  • Module Ten – Termination and Separation ($25 value)