Allergens: Level I


This course highlights the importance and impact of allergens on consumer safety as well as why allergen awareness and management is a key food industry concern.  Learn the causes and effects related to food allergens, the complexities associated with managing and prevention of unwanted food allergens, and the associated Canadian regulatory requirements.

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This course covers the priority list of allergens in Canada as well as sulphites and gluten sources. You will be able to identify the sources and describe the best practices and regulations to prevent allergens related food safety incidents.

Learning will be made easy with our engaging activities, quizzes, and games. Your knowledge will be tested in the final exam, in which you will receive an official certificate.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will understand:

  • Describe the impact of allergens on food safety
  • List the priority allergens in Canada and the United States
  • Distinguish common myths from facts about allergens
  • Explain the labelling requirements for allergens
  • Explain how to control risk of undeclared allergens
  • Apply allergen management program requirements, HACCP, PCP

Course Outline & Major Topics

  • The Impact of Allergens on Food Safety
    • Food Allergies Prevalence
    • Allergic Reactions Caused by Food
  • Priority Allergens in Canada and the U.S.
    • Allergens in Canada
    • S. Allergens
    • Gluten and Sulphites
  • How Well Do You Know Allergens?
    • Myths and Facts
  • Labelling Requirements for Allergens
    • Declaration
    • Contains Statement
    • Precautionary Statement
  • Risk Control: Undeclared Allergens
    • Avoiding Undeclared Allergens
  • Allergen Management Programs
    • Overview of Allergen Management Programs

*Receive a nationally recognized certificate for participation in this course

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is applicable to all industry personnel in a food processing plant: owners, supervisors, production personnel, sanitation team, labelling and packaging, plant manager, health and safety team, food safety team, etc.

  • Owners
  • Supervisors
  • Production Personnel
  • Sanitation Team
  • Labelling and Packaging
  • Plant Management
  • Health and Safety Teams
  • Food Safety Teams

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