Workplace Essentials: Oral Communications


This course provides guidelines for oral and general communication, active listening, providing feedback, fostering teamwork, and promoting a positive work environment.

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This course addresses Oral Communications, the first of the skills which extensive government and industry research has identified as essential to success in work, learning and life. These skills provide the foundation for learning other skills and are the cornerstone of lifelong learning. Lifelong learning and workplace skills training are closely linked to productivity, adaptability and innovation, all vital elements of today’s competitive and rapidly changing global business environment.

In improving essential skills, oral communication skills are generally looked to first, as they play a key role in improving all other essential skills for workers. This course provides guidelines for general and oral communication, active listening, providing feedback, fostering teamwork, and promoting a positive work environment.


Who should attend?

This course is applicable to personnel in a food processing plant who want to improve their communication skills including: new hires, owners, supervisors, production personnel, plant managers, etc.


Learning Objectives:

After the completion of the Oral Communications course, students will learn and develop the following skills:

  • An understanding of the importance and benefits of good communication skills
  • The general communication process and the use of structured, clear messages
  • The communication loop
  • Strategies for reducing communication errors
  • Techniques and strategies for effective oral communication
  • Understanding the barriers to successful oral communication
  • Techniques which can lead to becoming a more active listener
  • Strategies for giving feedback effectively and increasing its benefits in the workplace
  • Knowledge and techniques needed to create an effective team
  • Strategies for increasing positivity in the workplace

The goal of this training is to provide strategies and insights for food processing personnel who want to improve their oral communications skills for the workplace.


Major Topics:

  • Good oral communications
  • Clear messaging and reducing miscommunications
  • Understanding barriers
  • Effective feedback strategies
  • Effective Team Building


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