Stress Management


Stress is inevitable; it’s how we react to stressful situations that really makes the difference. Knowing what your stressors are and how to reduce the frequency and impact of stressful situations are the keys to stress management. Whether participants are looking for appropriate initiatives to apply from a corporate perspective, or as individuals, stress is an unavoidable reality that can be positively impactful.


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Learning Objectives

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand that stress is a positive, unavoidable part of everybody’s life.
  • Recognize the symptoms that tell you when you have chronic stress overload.
  • Change the situations and actions that can be changed.
  • Deal better with situations and actions that can’t be changed.
  • Create an action plan for work, home, and play to help reduce and manage stress.


Course Outline & Major Topics

  • Stress Management
    • Holmes-Rahe Stress Rating
    • Defining and Identifying Stress
    • Understanding Stress
    • Coping Behaviors
    • Stress and Your Health
    • Causes of Stress
  • What is Stress About?
    • Stress Can Be About Changing Lifestyles
    • Stress Can Be About Power
    • Stress Can Be About Self-esteem
    • Stress Is About Change In Our Environment
    • Flexibility
    • Eustress
  • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Taking Care of Your Body and Your Mind
    • Case Study
  • Mental Strategies
    • Changing Ourselves
    • Personality
    • Nature of Organization
    • Quality of Support
    • The Triple A Approach
  • Stress at Work
    • The Stress Tax
    • Symptoms of Stress Overload
    • Stress Inventory
    • Scoring
    • Finding Some Solutions
    • Stress Logging
    • Sample Log
    • Finding Solutions
  • Time Management Tips
    • Brainstorming Some Great Ideas
    • Stress at Home
    • Budgeting Basics
    • Finding Resources
    • The Everyday Stuff
    • Meal Planning
    • Organization Tips
  • Drainers and Fillers
    • Personal Drainers
    • Personal Fillers

*Receive a nationally recognized certificate for participation in this course

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Team Members & Leaders
  • Front Line Workers
  • New Hires

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