Traceability Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry


Traceability Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry content introduces users to the topic of traceability, examines the relationship between traceability and other food safety prerequisite programs and teaches how to design, implement and test the system to ensure it is fully functional.

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Consumer interest in the origins and history of ingredients used in manufacturing food products is at an all-time high. More detail and complete information regarding the ingredients and the processing methods, whether food additives, preservatives or colorants are used and assurance that lifestyle or faith-based production methods such as kosher, or halal) are valid is now an expectation. Consumers want to know if pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used on ingredients, and if they leave residue on the product.

A Traceability Program is a component of a food safety management system that provides evidence of compliance to a variety of regulatory, buyer and consumer requirements, both domestic or international, The information the Program provides makes management of product recalls fast and effective, reduces risks of a food safety crisis, and demonstrates that the processors is a responsible manufacturer. This course demonstrates how to develop and implement a Traceability Program for a food processing facility.


Who Should Attend?

This course is applicable to all quality assurance, quality control, HACCP, BRC and SQF personnel. As well as those personnel in the logistics and shipping department and their supervisors and managers involved in implementing elements of a food safety management system.


Learning Objective

At the end of Tracebility Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of traceability;
  • Know the traceability regulations for Canada and what buyers and consumers want;
  • Understand how traceability is linked to other food safety management programs;
  • Know the steps to take and how to produce the documents required to design a traceability program; and
  • Understand and be able to initiate the process required to implement and test a Traceability system.


The course content is aligned to the CFIA Food Safety Enhancement Program requirements for a HACCP-based Traceability Program in order to be able to develop, implement and maintain a Traceability Program in accordance with current Canadian regulations.


Major Topics

  • Introduction to Traceability
  • Recall and Traceability
  • The Food Supplier Approval Program and Traceability
  • Traceability in Canada
  • The Traceability System
  • Designing a Traceability System
  • Implement and Test your Traceability System