Motivation Training


Motivation Training: Motivating your Workforce is designed to teach supervisors and managers to recognize the different facets of motivating employees and creating a more productive and engaged workplace. The reality is that every single employee will be motivated by different things and acknowledging what motivates each person individually is important in strengthening their connection to their employer and workplace. A connection that will pay off in numerous positive ways.


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Learning Objectives

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify what motivation is.
  • Describe common motivational theories and how to apply them.
  • Learn when to use different kinds of motivators.
  • Create a motivational climate.
  • Design a motivating job.

Course Outline & Major Topics

  • Supervising and Motivation
    • Why is Motivation Important?
    • Identifying Motivators
  • Motivational Theories
  • Setting Goals
    • SPIRIT Method
    • Goal Setting and Goal Getting!
  • The Role of Values
    • Developing Targets
    • What Do We Value In Work?
    • Identifying Your Values
    • Narrowing Down Your Values
  • Creating a Motivational Climate
    • Behavioral (Reinforcement) Theory
    • Reinforcement Theory
    • The Big Question
    • Expectancy Theory
    • McClelland’s Needs Theory
  • Applying Your Skills
    • Situational Analysis
    • Case Studies
  • Session 9: Designing Motivating Jobs
    • Designing My Job
    • Five Key Characteristics
    • Techniques for Job Design or Redesign
    • A Motivational Checklist

*Receive a nationally recognized certificate for participation in this course

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Warehouse Management
  • Team Members & Leaders
  • Front Line Workers
  • New Hires

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