Our Learning Management System

In order to deliver quality training to address the needs of the Canadian food and beverage processing industry, Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC) has invested in a versatile, custom, and accessible cloud learning platform. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is state of the art, capable of accommodating a broad range of curriculum styles and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Learning Management System Features:

Saves Progress Real-Time

Our LMS saves your progress so you don’t have to. Every page you visit is tracked and saved real time by our system which can be used for reporting and analytics which can be useful when an instructor is pulling reports on students, or a supervisor is looking to gauge employee progress and productivity.

24/7 Access, Support & Mobile Application

As a cloud-based system, clients can access, complete and review their training at any time in an environment that is comfortable for them. Courses can be downloaded from anywhere with an internet connection to be completed offline, at the user’s convenience, anywhere in the world.

Nationally Recognized Electronic Certificate

FPSC Courses carry a brand well known and recognized by industry employers, educators and government bodies across the country and internationally. Once a client has successfully passed a course in the LMS with a weighted exam and achieves a score of 70% or higher, they gain access to a personalized certificate. This is marked by the date of completion. Clients can save these certificates for use in job interviews and resume preparation.

Table of Contents

Each course has a table of contents that both shows client progress in the course, as well as allows the client to easily navigate the modules and topics of discussion.

Multilingual Portal Language

Courses can be created, narrated and taken in English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, and Turkish. We have the capacity to further expand this as well.

Interactive Content and Activities

Students are asked to apply their knowledge of the skills and practices learned in our courses with interactive activities that test their understanding of the subject matter and contents covered thus far in the course. These range from interactions like crosswords, to definition matching and interactive workplace scenarios with multiple possible outcomes explained afterward.


Users can pull reports from our LMS to easily access their progress and performance as well as identify which areas they may need to seek assistance or improvement with. These reports include their grades, correct and incorrect answer fields throughout the course, and final assessment exams if applicable.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths provide clients with a visual representation of courses and competencies required to complete a learning path. Typically, this is a resource which can be filled with relevant information to assist clients in making informed training decisions for their designated career specialization.

Voice Narrated Content

Our LMS accommodates various styles of learning to assist in training effectiveness and concept retention through voice narration in multiple languages. Clients can follow along with the narration subtitles to confirm understanding. Content can be paused, resumed and repeated as needed to ensure the student is able to absorb and retain the information in the form that best suits their learning style.

User Friendly and Easy to Use

Our LMS is user friendly and easy to use, the features are explained at the beginning of every course, so clients always have an easily accessible reference guide. FPSC staff are available to provide support and answer questions, as well as schedule demos and product demonstrations upon request.


Students can bookmark course pages, resources, and other content for easy reference and navigation, making any section of the course easy to reach within a few clicks. This complements the dynamic table of contents which is found on every FPSC course.

Glossary of Terms

Important terms are saved in the course glossary, which is available in multiple languages and can be accessed at any time once a term is introduced in an accessible client menu.

Easy Navigation

All features of the LMS can be accessed within several clicks, and FPSC staff are available Monday through Friday to address any questions you may have when accessing our content.


This is a feature that streamlines student progression through the curriculum. Completing one course unlocks another and so on, this allows automated student and instructor email correspondence when students reach defined milestones like completing a series of courses. This has many applications and is a feature reserved for full curriculum builds like seen in many FPSC online training programs delivered including Succeeding at Work (SAW), and the Food Safety Management Training Program.

Custom User Profile

All users regardless of privileges can access and edit their own personal account information. This interface is user friendly and easy to update, changes are saved with a single click and can be updated at any time. Profile fields include: Name, Email, Password, and Portal Language.

Course Completion

Users cannot skip content, and to successfully complete a course must reach the end and achieve a score of 70% or higher on any assessments to achieve course completion status and move forward with the curriculum. Users are encouraged to review the course concepts to improve client understanding, and the exams can be taken as many times as needed to achieve success.