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Other Programs for your Business

The Food Processing Human Resources Council is so much more than online training. We grant you access to a variety of products, involvement, and resources aimed at supporting your business.

  • Our hundreds of Canadian members make up a group of knowledgeable, experienced industry members who gain access to programs that help them and their employees move up.
  • Be the first to access world class skills development programs
  • Receive personal attention from FPHRC
  • Access available funding through a number of initiatives
  • The Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program is the first of its kind for the industry. The free, online training courses offer Canadian newcomers opportunities to prepare and gain employment.
  • Gain access to program graduate profiles to fill employment gaps in your business
  • Attend monthly graduations to preview graduates and hear from exciting speakers
  • Improving your British Columbia food and beverage business has never been so easy thanks to the Post-Farm and On-Farm Food Safety Programs. Those food safety or traceability activities you’ve been needing are easier than ever with the funding currently available from the province of BC.
  • One on one guidance throughout the program from FPSC and industry professionals
  • Completely digital application and reporting experience, offering convenience for the busy processor
  • Variety of funding categories and eligible activities for implementing new activities, training, auditing, and much more in your small or medium sized business
  • An exam to enhance your career, HACCP Professionals can easily apply for the Canadian Certified HACCP Professional designation. Test your knowledge with the multiple-choice exam, and prove yourself as a leader in your organization.
  • Easily move up in the growing food manufacturing industry with the CCHP title next to your name.
  • Prepare using FPHRC’s online practice exam, downloadable study materials, and government resources.
  • 100 questions, multiple choice, and monitored via webcams and proctors
  • A labour shortage is deeply effecting Canada’s meat and seafood sectors, significantly impacting productivity and output. The Labour Market Information Study will take a comprehensive view of the labour market challenges facing the sector, the availability of labourers to fill critical gaps, and examine perspectives of the meat processing industry amongst youth and indigenous workers.
  • The results from this study will explain the situations and find solutions in order to fill labour shortages
  • You can assist FPHRC in this study by adding your input in a variety of ways, ultimately contributing to the results.
  • Professionals, consultants, and auditors in the industry can apply for the Gluten Free Certification Program (GFCP) to gain basic knowledge about the ANAB Accredited Gluten-Free Certification Program Standard, Policies and Procedures, as a necessary step for a facility to successfully complete a third-party audit for certification.
  • Eligible applicants can take this online course to qualify for the Approved Auditor Designation from the Allergen Control Group.
  • All participants will receive a GFCP-issued certificate.
  • The course will educate professionals in subjects such as the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, the gluten-free market, audit reporting and certification processes, and much more.
For more information, contact
Dayna Poulin, Manger of Training Development & Communications
email dpoulin@fphrc.ca
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