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Highlighting your Strengths

As a workplace trainer, you’ve got an extremely important job – you’re tasked with the responsibility of instilling a food safety culture and fostering a safe working environment.

Now, we know that food processing and food safety isn’t always the sexiest topic…but it sure is an important topic! You need your team to not only retain the information you are sharing, but to also employ these values in their everyday duties. A memorable training program can make all the difference.


The food and beverage manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and responding to marketplace pressures around sustainability, quality assurance, and traceability. This requires new levels of innovation and unprecedented transparency from educators, to provide a learning experience that is tailored to your audience.

With partners from coast to coast, we’re happy to work with you to create a curriculum that meets your needs. Incorporate our training programs into your lesson plans to allow students to graduate with a degree as well as industry-recognized certificates.


As an industry specialist or consultant, add value to your services by providing your clients with nationally recognized certificates to show to their auditors.


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Skills Library

We also host Canada’s first Skills Library for the food manufacturing industry! Use our skills library to design curriculum and learning activities based on the national benchmarks for various positions. Evaluate your curriculum against the standards to ensure that you are preparing students with the skills, knowledge and abilities required to succeed in the workplace.
 “ Youth into Food Processing program has collaborating with the FPHRC for over 4 years to provide material and instructors for our community services program.  FPHRC was not only able to help us design a curriculum that both fits with our program needs and clientele, but they also helped us deliver nationally recognized certificates. Working with this group has been a pleasure. “
–Community Services Supervisor TDSB

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